Survey of New England Artists: 1860-1985 - May 17 - July 6, 2008
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This survey attempts to give a composite of the artistic scene during a significant period of change in America and welcomes your intellectual curiosity and input.

For the last one hundred and fifty years the art scene in America has experienced a significant evolution, one which has constantly "pushed the envelope until we are once again posed with the question: "is it art?". One wonders if, given the artists paintbrushes and materials, he or she could create something every bit as good as what they're confronting on the walls before them. This "survey" will attempt to explain the "isms" which were created and the reasons behind the changes which were occuring before the paint was dry. "Luminism", "transcendentalist inspired landscape"; "hudson river school", "barbizon school", "impressionism". "post-impressionism", "fauvism", "cubism", "exressionism", "abstract Expressionism". "regionalism": all these "isms" impacted significantly on the art we observe and contemplate today. Who were the significant players? What role did woman artists play? What obstacles, if any, did the confront? What contributions did they make? Is there a "glass ceiling in the art world?" Is it true, as many historians surmise that "if you want to know what life was like at any given period of the world, just look at its art"?

Charles C. Burleigh
"Rheinhold Brick, son of my landlady"
8 x 10 inches
painted c. 1878

Adele Williams
"Road To The Water, Summer"
25 x 18 in.

C.F. Bresnahan
"Highland Light, Truro, MA"
2 x 17 inches

Michael Lemmer Meyer
"Sundrenched Road"
18 x 15 in.

Nicholas Leganzer
"The 3 Sisters" (In the White Mountains)
12 x 17 inches