title: a closer look
February 14, 2010 - April 4, 2010
gallery hours: 12-5 Saturday & Sunday

more images from the show will be posted shortly

Susan Termyn
"View to Noon Hill, Medfield"
oil, 5x7 in. $500

Niva Shrestha
"Houses on the Greenhead Harbor"
oil, 6.5x9 in. $700


Nan Daly
"Breaking Away"
watermedia, 21x14 in. $550

David Sholl
"Chair Couple"
oil, 36x48 in. $2500


Jeffrey Fullam
"On Reconsideration"
intaglio, 6x4 in. $225


Nan Rumpf
"The Viewing"
watercolor, 4 1/2x6 1/2 in. $155

Cory Rahmberg
"The Cliff Climbers"
photograph diptych, 20x28 in. $200

Len Lizak
watercolor, 8x11 in. $500


Deborah Stoker King
oil, pulp transfer, 12x9 in. $425

Nancy Deveno
"Tea Cup Reflection"
oil, 9x12 in. $200

Marky Kauffmann
inkjet, 30x13 in. $400


Becky Kisabeth Gibbs
"Energeia: A Waking Dream"
Diptych, oil on canvas, 20x48 in. $2000

Ron Wilson
"Boardwalk, Chase Garden Creek, Yarmouth"
color photo, 24x34 in. $550

Ron Wilson
"Lomagnupur 'Loon Peak', Iceland"
color photo, 24x28 in. $450

Len Lizak
"Charles River Tree"
pen and ink, 8.5x11 in. $200

Niva Shrestha
"Lily Pond on a Cloudy Day"
oil, 6.5x6.5 in. $600


Susan Termyn
"Stop River Reflections, Medfield"
oil, 3.5x9 in. $450

Deborah Stoker King
"Outdoor Chair"
oil, 14x11 in. $500

Jeffrey Fullam
"An Impulse to Help"
linoleum cut, pulp transfer, 12x9 in. $325


Cory Rahmberg
"Sear's Island"
photograph composite, 32x60 in. $950