Zullo Gallery
23rd Annual Juries Exhibition

September 16 - November 4, 2017

artists reception: Saturday, September 23, 2017 7-9pm all welcome
gallery hours: Saturday & Sunday 12-5

Ann Gorbett "Low Tide" oil, 20x16 in.

Barbara Fletcher "Holding Back" back side, Painted 3D paper construction with paper collage 25 x 36 x 6 in

Abby Frank "Luscious" oil on canvas, 16x20 in.

Corey Quadir "Gummy Shark" epoxy resin 16 x 20 in

Anna Starkova "Rocking" acrylic on canvas 28 x 58 in

Susan Termyn "Annisquam Afternoon" oil, 18x24 in.

June Vernon "From the Ground Up #5" digital collage, 13x19 in.

Gretchen Warsen "Transfixed" mixed media, 12x9 in.

Gretchen Warsen "Drama Queen II", mixed media, 26 x 20 in

Robin Wessman "Tangerine Tea" oil, 18x22 in. framed

Robin Wessman "Pearl IV" oil, 15x18 in. framed

Marcia Wise "Light My Way Home" oil on canvas, 24x30 in.

Mary Wojciechowski "in Your Wildest Dreams" alcohol inks, 9x12 in.

Gretchen Warsen "Playful and Perilous Edges" mixed media, 20x26 in.

Lynn Yetra "Island Sunset" mono print/collage, 20x16 in.

Nan Rumpf "Arctic Dream" watercolor, 18x20 in.

Jason Sawtelle "April Showers" oil on canvas, 39x49 in.

Ray Scanlon "Dihedrals #2" photograph, 12x14 in.

Leanne Shamash "Portrait" photograph, 12x14 in.

Rebecca Skinner "Domino Room" photograph on aluminum, 16x24 in.

Kyle Stockford "Banana 55" acrylic and collage, 36x29 in.

Dennis Stein "Abandoned Office, Central Park, New York" iphone photograph, 14x14 in.

Kyle Stockford "35th" acrylic, 57x46 in.

Gail Nathanson "'And Then What Did She Say?'" oil, 11x14 in.

Margaret Parone "The Hat" acrylic, 30x40 in.

David Phoenix "Hard Landing" archival ink photo print, 21x13 in.

Elizabeth Ricketson "Kramer's Truck" acrylic, 24x30 in.

Judith Robichaud "Ipswich Sunset" oil, 8x8 in.

Karen Rothman "On Elm Street" acrylic on wood panel, 16x12 in.

Tatiana Roulin "Across the Dunes" pastel, 12x12 in.

Tatiana Roulin "Sunny Waves" pastel, 12x12 in.

Judith Robichaud "Solo Sparrow in Gray" oil, 9x12 in.

Anne McNevin "Display Case and Bench" photograph, 25x30 in.

Lucy Leyland "Edo" mixed media, 11x14 in. framed

Lucy Leyland "Oldest Living Fossil" mixed media, 11x14 in. framed

Sasja Lucas "Ontology of Becoming" acrylic and black marker on paper

Martha Marson "Path to the Beach" pastel, 12x12 in.

Tracey Maroni "Inner Garden" mixed media, 24x20 in.

Tracey Maroni "Vernal Equinox" mixed media, 24x18 in.

Yolanda Mazzoni "Blown Away" oil on aluminum panel, 36x24 in.

Annette McCarty "Music"

Carolyn Letvin "Interior #34" oil on wood, 12x12 in.

Bonnie Mineo "Winter #4" relief prints and mixed media, 11x24 in.

Steve Hamlin "Redheaded Woodpecker" watercolor, 14x19 in.

Sara Higger "Emoting" ceramic stoneware, 7x11x18 in.

Frank Koran "Jackson Square" watercolor, 22x30 in.

Frank Koran "Do Not Enter" watercolor, 20x14 in.

Frank Koran "No. 42" watercolor, 18x24 in.

Paula Fraser "African Grandmother" pastel, 10x12 in. frame

Amanda Hockensmith "Pitt Street, Carlisle: This Side is Mine" oil on canvas, 36x36 in.

Lisa Goren "The Depth of the Glacier, Alaska" watercolor, 24x25 in.

Gail Hansen "Red" monotype, 12x12 in. unframed

Dave Kendrick "Vault of The Novae" Digital photo montage printed on metallic paper stock with archival inks, 10x30 in. unframed, 18x37 in. framed.

Kate Passaro "Cameron in the Barber Shop" photograph, 20x24 in.

Jim Kociuba "Rainy Maples" acrylic, 36x48 in.

Riley Halliday "Looking Glass" photograph 8 x 10 in.

Riley Halliday "Regrowth" photograph, 8x10 in.

Carol Frieswick "Twin Sisters" oil, 12x16 in.

Arlene Chaplin "Migration: Under The Sun" mixed media, 24x36 in.

Cyndi Connelley "Oyster" pastel, 11x11 in. unframed

Cyndi Connelley "Oysters 5" pastel, 10.5x8 in. unframed

Nancy Daly "Counterpoint: Koi" mixed media, 14x21 in.

Inga Dankers "Wild One" mixed media, 21x27 in.

Ami Fagan "The Road Home" watercolor, 6x6 in.

Ami Fagan "An Autumn Reflection II" watercolor, 6x6 in.

Nancy Deveno "Fields" oil on canvas, 27x27 in.

Chuck Ferullo "Doorway" photograph, 10x15 in.

Gaile Fischer "Picnic Table on the Hill" photograph on handmade paper, 9x12 in. paper, 16x20 in. frame

Lisa Bailey "7 of 9 Lives" watercolor, 14x22 in. framed

Lissa Banks "Warmed by the Sun" acrylic on canvas, 24x30 in.

Lissa Banks "Moody Gaggle" acrylic on canvas, 24x36 in.

Jay Bibel "Silver Lining" intaglio, 6.5x6.5 in. unframed, 12x12 in. framed.

Nancer Ballard "Synechdoche" 14 page book, 7x32 in. open

Peter Campbell "The Impending Death of King Henry II" mixed media, 20x30 in.

Peter Campbell "Where in the World is Amelia Earhart?" mixed media, 30x36 in.

Stephen Boczanowski "Forklift" acrylic, 28x23 in.

Donald Brown "Looking Into It" oil on canvas, 30x24 in.

Walter Baranowski "Tidal Procession #1" oil, 36x24 in.

Lisa Bailey "7 of 9 Lives" watercolor, 14x22 in. framed

Julia Greenway "A Walk around Lake Waban" watercolor, 80x27 in.