Past Exhibits

Zullo Gallery 17th Annual Juried Exhibition

September 17 - November 6, 2011

Reception: Saturday, September 24, 7-9 p.m.

Below is a selection of artwork from the show.


Roy Perkinson, Farm Pond in Winter
oil, 18x36 in.

Robyn Day, B
photograph, 12x18 in.

Carolyn Latanision, Sun in Seville
watercolor, 21x13 in.

Martha Marson, Beach Dune II
pastel, 9x24 in.

Stephen C. Pope, The Jungle
photograph, archival inkjet print, 30x40 in.
$600, SOLD

Rebecca Skinner, Calla Lilly
digital photograph, 23x17 in.

Laurie Greenbaum Beitch, Summer Barns II
soft pastel on paper, 17x24 in.

Greg Stowell, Without Jorge
photograph: modern silver gelatin print, 14x21 in.

Gustaf Miller, Carry Back Again
mixed media, 12x12 in.

Janyce Conklin, Bear Trapper
assemblage, 48x32 in.

Yolanda Mazzoni, River Reflection
oil, 20x16 in.

Jodi Traub, Summer Blooms
pastel, 16x20 in.

David Sholl, Bill at Boyce's
oil, 48x36 in.

Mary Webber, Murmurs of Spring
collograph/stencil, 29x25 in.

Meghan Drew, Cupboards Are Bare
charcoal on toned paper, 20x25 in.

Shelly Eager, Southern Exposure
pastel, 24x18 in.

Neil Wilkins, Propagation
acrylic on panel, 16x20

Kathleen Hendrick, Autumn Sentinels: Map 2
mixed media collage, 16x20 in.

Jeannie Ensor, Zen Clems
oil, 11x14 in.

Amy Dolan, Sisters
silkscreen, 30x22 in.

Roy Perkinson, Bancoft Building at Twilight
pastel, 24x18 in.

Kristin Stashenko, Afternoon Solitude
oil, 30x30 in.

Carolyn Letvin, Golden Fleece #23
oil and metal leaf on wood panel, 14x14 in.

Sue Gilkey, Winter Amarylis
oil, 30x20 in.

Catherine Ciccolo Tucker, Self Portrait
woodcut, 28x15 in.

Stan Radler, Behind Closed Doors
mixed media and collage, 38x54 in.

Edmund Prescottano, Longfellow Bridge
photograph, 24x16 in.

Susan Luca, Manhattan Recycle
oil, 12x9 in.

Rebecca Skinner, Calla Lily
digital photograph, 23x17 in.

Chuck Ferullo, Web Dew
photograph, 25x21 in.

Phil Tuths, Abandoned Walkway, Medfield State Hospital
photograph, 12x16 in.

Melanie Guerra, Fenway Fantoms
photograph, 16x20 in.

Sarah Raymond, River at Twilight
oil, 20x34 in.